Unlocking “The Power of We”

Introducing One & All

After almost a year of planning, we have a name! It was a big undertaking. After all, we had over 150 years of collective history to consider. With help from global branding firm, Siegel+Gale, we’ve officially launched a new name that seeks to harness the power of like-minded, driven individuals to change the world.

One & All

One & All literally means everyone. It speaks to the deep emotional connection and shared purpose that people experience when they engage with nonprofits. It taps into the power of sharing, the sense that we can achieve more through cooperation than competition, and that by donating, we are paying back what we have received in life. It’s the basis of the Golden Rule. And I love it.

Along with our new name, we also ushered in a new tagline. Operating under “The Power of We,” the team at One & All aims to utilize the best of Grizzard and Russ Reid to build a fundamentally new kind of agency to help nonprofits thrive.

And never forget that you and your Mission are the most important part of “The Power of We.” Our work together and our commitment to Jesus’ call to care for others is the driving force behind our shared purpose and our shared success.

I look forward to a bright future for One & All, and I wish you and your Mission all the best as we head into an exciting 2018.