Summer: Our busiest, most fulfilling, season

Summer. It’s the time of year when schedules change: kids are out of school, folks take vacations and many slow down a little to enjoy the warmer weather and longer evenings with family and friends.

However, I grew up in Oregon and spent my summers on my sister’s cattle ranch. Ranch life in the summer for us was just the opposite of the “slowing down” often associated with the season. Our country life quickly ramped up with activities to prepare for the upcoming winter. We hired extra help. Days started extra early and ended extra late.

Here at One & All, our summer schedule is much like life on the ranch. We are all-hands-on-deck working to make sure you, our Mission partners, have a successful fall fundraising season. We make plans, we prepare schedules, we produce creative content, we buy media and we work through the thousands of details necessary to maximize the impact of your investment. It’s hard work, but the work could not be more meaningful to us. And when the fall campaigns roll out, we pray for your message to reach more people and move more hearts. Summer is when we work our hardest to ensure more people develop a deep conviction to join in your work—and make enduring impact in your communities. Finally, at the year’s end, we get to celebrate the results of our labor together and begin preparation for the next year.

I love to walk around the agency during these summer months. I look over an art director’s shoulder and see your Thanksgiving appeal. I check out the most recent banner ads on an account person’s screen with your Mission’s name displayed. I check on the team producing the landing pages for the online responses. I love to see the work and when I see your Mission’s name, I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of your ministry.

Thank you for letting us partner with you this summer, and always.