The State of Digital Media

As market trends shift in favor of new technologies and platforms, the ways people interact are always changing. While typically underestimated, cultural trends have enormous effects on the psychology of donors.

Following these trends allows your organization to implement strategies to stay current and connected with your donors.

Some digital media trends we currently have our eyes on:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile Payment Platforms like Apple Pay/PayPal/Venmo/Samsung Pay
  • “Donate Sticker” for Instagram Stories and Facebook
  • Shifts in media consumption (cord-cutters, connected TV and streaming audio) and more

From top-tier news items to grassroots movements, our digital strategy team meets consistently to discuss cultural happenings and the specific impact they have on nonprofits and donors, including:

  • Sustainability efforts
  • Climate Change
  • Social Media Influence, including movements like #MeToo
  • Video Game Streaming and more

Putting a Strategic Digital Plan into Place

One & All’s Digital Engagement & Activation team is here to put together a holistic strategic plan in place for you. Once created, the strategist helps outline the potential touch points that a user could receive in any given season, across all digital channels:

Email. Our team develops email marketing programs with an integrated approach, including digital and offline channels. We collaborate on a hierarchical email cadence plan—including year-long, seasonal and campaign-based strategies that align where needed with offline campaigns.

Social. With the latest social listening tools to help, our team can help integrate a social media strategy with other channels, putting together a robust calendar which includes integration with both email and media campaign rollouts.

Digital Media. The media planning group, in coordination with our digital strategist and digital media buyers, develop a detailed year-round digital media plan with projections by month.

Website Optimization. Each of our optimization test plans are broken out into an annual cycle that consists of a series of phases, that targets specific segments, device types, and landing pages. Aligning with general strategies, each phase tests critical points within the website to improve everything from conversion rates to user experience.

Looking to build up your digital presence? We’re here to help.