The power of social media

A message from Alan Hall, CEO

I suspect I’m much like many of you when it comes to using social media. Mostly, I use it to keep in touch with friends and family—yet, I’ve also personally seen it as a powerful tool for promoting action:

    • A number of years ago, my family and I took a mission’s trip to Zambia. One of the needs our team wanted to address was the lack of shoes in the community we were working in. We told our story on Facebook and, for weeks, pair after pair of shoes arrived at our doorstep.
    • In 2015, our house burned down. During this trying time, we experienced the power of social media as it churned a steady stream of meals and help that completely overwhelmed us (in a good way).

And then there’s the prayer requests and Go Fund Me pages and the emergency response to disasters, and more.

With all the negative press that Facebook and other social media sites have received, these tools are powerful, and have revolutionized both the way we keep in touch with loved ones and the way marketers, political activists, governments, companies, and regular people influence action.

In our work with you, social media is another tool to help us unleash passion and hope in the world by telling what is happening at your Mission. These stories of compassion and hope move people to action.

One of the reasons I love working with Rescue Missions is that we have the privilege of telling a unifying story to the world. It’s a message of joining with like-minded people across your community to unleash compassion and hope in a world that so desperately needs understanding and empathy and a chance to do something good. It’s a call to action that brings our communities together.

Thank you for letting us call people to join you in your ministry.