New strengths. Same commitment to your Mission.

Back at our January conference in Redondo Beach, I introduced our new agency tagline to you: The Power of We. Recently, I’ve been reminded of the fact that there can be no We without you. Thank you for letting One and All be a part of your ministry. We are, more than ever, committed to your Mission and your unique goals. I personally want you to know how privileged and blessed each of us feel to walk beside you in your life-changing work.

As a new agency, we’ve gained new strengths. We are stronger because we’ve combined our decades of Rescue Mission in-market creative testing, media learnings, audience research, offer development, and digital and social media prowess for the benefit of our Rescue Mission clients.

We are changing as an agency, but our dedication to your Mission has not diminished. If anything, that commitment has grown stronger, too. Our agency culture remains a culture of compassion and commitment to your cause, and a dedication to producing work that matters. Our work together matters because it helps your Mission turn aspirations into actions that change the world and impact lives. It matters because people who see our work (donors, volunteers and friends) feel empowered to be a part of something bigger. It matters because it is the culmination of all of our skills, experience, talents and time. Our work demonstrates the Power of We.

Thank you for letting us be part of your work—I’m excited about where we’ll go together.

-Alan Hall, CEO