Instagram’s New Donate Sticker

One new tactical feature organizations can take advantage of is the new Instagram donation sticker, which allows Instagram users to raise funds for their favorite charities right on their stories in three easy steps:

  1. Create an Instagram Story
  2. Add the donation sticker
  3. Start raising money

With 400 million+ accounts using Instagram Stories every day, this new donation sticker adds another way for nonprofits to engage and activate their social media followers. At One & All, we believe this tactic will be most effective with an already engaged Instagram audience and should be worked into a larger social media strategy.

Advantages and Opportunities:

  • This new feature is a powerful way to use a follower’s influence and credibility among their friend and family groups.
  • Excellent opportunity for nonprofits to further engage with their followers by reciprocating support and re-sharing supporter content on their Instagram Stories.
  • Instagram Stories have a short lifespan, but when added to Story Highlights, the donation sticker continues to raise donations.

We suggest all of our nonprofit partners take advantage of this new feature and the excitement surrounding it. You can be the first organization your followers choose when setting up their donation stickers. 

Note: The major concern with all in-platform donation forms is gathering information on the donor. If this new sticker is anything like Facebook in-platform donations, an organization will only be able to see basic information like their name; email is optional and usually tied to their Instagram email (usually not their main email).