Are you ready for the summer?

by Glenn McKinney SVP of the Missions Team

Whatever your summer may hold, I hope you find time to recharge and reflect on the beauty of God’s creation. You are called to serve those in need, and that means you need to care for yourself so that you can care for others.

When I was Development Director at The Bowery Mission, one thing I did each summer was improve work for our gift processing team. These data entry specialists act as the hands of donor relationships and the busy holiday season will be upon us before we know it. So even making one thing better for gift processing matters. It can be as simple as adding a table for sorting, or as advanced as adding scanners for data entry—or even a new online donation platform solution.

After all, fast and accurate data entry, speedy deposits into the bank, and personal thank-you receipts all help show your donors how you much care about them.  So take time this summer to get your team ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Here are a few things we’re doing for you.

First, we pray that God continues to bless and grow your ministry.  We had a sign at the Bowery Mission that said, “Finding the resources God has already set aside for this ministry.”  Knowing we were in His hands certainly took the pressure off.

Second, we will be hosting a webinar on tax reform. We think charities that prepare for tax reform this holiday will succeed and thrive, so I hope you can join.

Finally, we have 300 full-time staff on our end, working tirelessly to ensure your success during this holiday season. From creative designers to production managers, digital strategists to media planners, and of course, your trusty account team, we are working around the clock in service to your ministry.

Personally, my favorite part of each day is speaking with you. So if you have a challenge or an opportunity where I can help, please get in touch.