All-out Effort

As a high schooler I was obsessed with basketball. I played on my school team, went to basketball camps and lived and breathed the sport. This time of year, with the college teams engulfed in the madness of basketball, sports metaphors are top of mind. And when I see a team engage in a “Full-court Press” strategy in a game, it reminds me just how good of a metaphor it is for how we approach your fundraising goals.

In the business world Full-court Press means giving an all-out effort. It means never giving up. And it means using solid teamwork to get the best job done. Giving our all-out effort for your cause is what One & All is committed to doing every day. We are honored and enthusiastic to walk alongside your Mission in the good work you do.

As we move through Spring, the results of our recent combined efforts are being analyzed to inform new winning fundraising strategies for the year ahead. We are excited by where we can go together.