A deep bench with a love for changing lives

by Glenn McKinney SVP of the Missions Team

It’s planning season! Which means it’s time for you and your account team to map out this year’s strategy together. But as important as strategy is to creating your successful fundraising plan, we know it’s not just about strategy, it’s about people. That’s why we want to thank you for putting your trust in us.

When we talk about your dedicated three-person account team or our deep bench (our directors each have 10+ years’ experience serving non-profits) it’s because we want you to know that our hearts are in this work, just like yours. Your account team is excited to engage with you, listen to your vision, hear your challenges, share new ideas and design a tailored plan to help you grow and serve more people. We know that your fundraising success means more changed lives.

Recently, an Account Director came back from a visit to a Mission and shared a photo she had taken. These prayer requests come from children staying at the Mission that night. Here are a few of their prayers:

“I pray for a home!”
“God, we love you with our whole heart!”
“Our car will get fixed and run again so my dad will have a place to sleep.”
“The Lord blessed us with a place to live.”

Our deep bench of talent exists for one reason: To serve and help change more lives. That’s what is meant by our new tagline, “The Power of We.” We are in this together. It’s a privilege to partner with your ministry, and I look forward to watching how God answers prayers!