My First AGRM Convention Is Still with Me

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to the annual Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) convention in Milwaukee in just a few weeks. I have very powerful memories of AGRM conventions (or, as we called them back in the day, IUGM conventions).

The first one I attended was 26 years ago in Buffalo, New York. It was my first year joining our team working with Rescue Missions, after spending a few years of learning about fundraising with our World Vision and Prison Fellowship clients.

I had been to a couple of Missions (LA, Denver, Yakima, Pittsburgh) by the time I walked into that first convention. But until then, I didn’t realize the breadth and scope of rescue ministry worldwide, or the deep impact it had within the communities being served.

My most powerful memory of that first convention (other than the powerful worship time we spent together at Niagara Falls) is being deeply inspired by the commitment and passion of the people I encountered there—and the calling God had placed on their lives.

The inspiration from my first convention stays with me to this day, and continues to motivate me as we partner with you in this life-changing work. Thank you for letting us walk alongside you and your teams. It is such a satisfying, inspiring, and rewarding way to spend a career, and I am grateful.

Alan Hall, CEO