Gathering Together for a Stronger Future

From February 20 – 23, One & All hosted the “Gather Together” Annual Missions Development Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach, California. Missions leaders from across the U.S. and Canada gathered together to exchange ideas and learn new marketing strategies to improve their fundraising.

There were incredible social events like the dinner cruise and the CEO breakfast. This, along with the daily devotionals, allowed Missions representatives to meet and interact.

Lara Tovmassian, a copywriter on the One & All Missions team, had the opportunity to attend the event. Tovmassian felt the experience was an incredible way to reconnect with clients in person.

“It was refreshing to meet with clients face to face and hear about the incredible work their missions are doing,” Tovmassian said.

During the three-day conference, participants attended such sessions as “The Future of Fundraising” and “Effective Planned Giving.” The goal of many of these presentations was to give Missions leaders insight into market trends to help them craft stronger fundraising plans for their specific situations.

By the end of the weekend, participants seemed excited to return to their Missions and implement their new knowledge.

“I have so many takeaways and can’t wait to put them into gear with the team,” said Stephanie Strum, Communications Manager for New Life Center. “I have such a better understanding now and appreciation for One & All and your team. To get hands-on and meet face-to-face was great! Looking forward to growing our relationship and seeing what the future holds.”

One & All is equally excited to help its Missions clients make an even greater impact on the communities they serve.