Q&A: What’s your secret for a great year in 2018?

“With analytics and creative, being able to connect the dots will be key to fundraising in 2018. We need to connect real-time donation information through various social media platforms — knowing which ones are actually generating donations. And we must understand how a meal offer opens the door to life transformation, how sharing a meal can change a life and open the door to the Gospel.”

— Mark Doherty, Director of Projects & Development
Sunday Breakfast Mission
Wilmington, DE

“In 2018, analytics will play a key role in understanding the full scope of our development program. It’ll provide insight and data necessary to determine goals, implement strategies, identify Key Performance Indicators — as well as areas where improvement or innovation is needed. Analytics will enable us to maximize our fundraising efforts.”

— Yvonne Brake, Director of Development
Haven of Rest Ministries
Akron, OH