Tips for taking advantage of the new Facebook algorithm

Facebook’s new algorithm means changes for the organic reach of brands and nonprofits. To get back to its roots as a social platform, Facebook recently announced that it will start prioritizing posts between family and friends over business posts that have few comments.

by Shawn Lyon Supervisor, Digital Engagement

According to Facebook, this change doesn’t impact paid advertising (although the cost of advertising is expected to increase). That means any paid strategies you have in play can continue as is. But to get the most reach from your Mission’s organic posts, you’ll have to make a few changes to ensure you are starting a conversation with your audience. The posts with the most engagement and conversation around it will be prioritized over any other.

A few tips to consider:

  1. Produce content that generates interaction—video, quizzes, questions that invite response, etc.
  2. Focus on quality posts rather than quantity.
  3. Create a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups encourage interaction and will be treated with the same priority as friends and family.
  4. Go Live. Live streaming sees 6X the engagement over other videos.
  5. Keep an eye on Facebook Stories. Stories haven’t yet taken off on Facebook the same way they have on Instagram, but that might change quickly.

One thing not to do: Don’t panic.

Change is constant, and we’re always here to help you adapt.