The Power of Digital Media in Your Mission’s Plan

Our Digital Media department was one of the first areas to benefit from the merger of Grizzard and Russ Reid—bringing together Mission clients and talent from both agencies.

Today we have 31 Missions investing in SEM, display and social media marketing, and the results continue to improve. In fact, each year, the digital allocation of the overall budget continues to increase

The great thing about digital media is how it offers real-time actionable performance insights. Our newly combined team is constantly monitoring performance and optimizing campaigns (and budgets) to the best performing channels and tactics based on this real-time data.

Social media— specifically Facebook—is quickly rising in the ranks of preferred donation channels. This causes us in many cases to re-allocate budgets towards social media as we’ve seen higher conversion rates and average gifts relative to other tactics. Facebook also offers highly granular targeting capabilities and can be a game changer in developing an ongoing communication stream with potential donors.

Nearly 80% of online donors engaged with a client’s website within a week of receiving their digital touch point.
Digital media also offers the ability to acquire younger, more valuable donors, which is exciting for all of us.

Integration across digital and direct mail continues to deliver positive results across all clients. This year, with the strength our newly united Russ Reid and Grizzard teams we will be testing a deeper online and offline integration.

Helen Gredvig
Media Planning Supervisor

“It’s been great to work with so many new clients and integrate the best of both worlds into our new processes. Many of the clients we brought in-house allowed us to start social media advertising in July, a strategy we weren’t expected to launch until Fall 2017. The results from this early adoption helped us fine-tune our social media strategies as we move into the most charitable seasons of the year.

With a combined 31 Mission clients doing digital media, we can start to learn winning strategies faster.”

Alex Aguilar
Digital Media Buyer

“Digital media was one of the first departments to blend together when the merger of Grizzard and Russ Reid was announced. It involved moving 40 clients (including 11 Missions) all under one roof. Both teams committed to making the transition seamless.

The best thing about having everything in-house is the confidence that everyone involved understands the non-profit space and we can become even more innovative in our targeting.”

Dustin Riddle
Senior Director of Digital Strategy