ROE: Return On Experience

In fundraising, there’s always a lot of talk of ROI, Return on Investment. But as the fundraising landscape shifts—and we, as your partner, shift with it—we think it’s important that we all recognize that donor behavior is shifting, too.

In the future, it will be less about ROI and more about ROE, Return On Experience. As digital and social channels make the conversation a two-way talk between your Mission and your donors, it’s important to be aware of what triggers emotions and behaviors. Things like video for social and other experiential tactics will be key to future fundraising.

A few areas your Mission should consider during this time of change:

  • Expectations of donor base response & behavior
  • Marketing strategies – we need to start higher up the funnel with all efforts
  • Channel investment
  • Diversification of your revenue generation

Let’s talk. Reach out to your account teams with any thoughts and questions about the shifting landscape. We’re here to help!