Optimizing Your Website Can Have a Staggering Impact on Fundraising

by Nathan Looney Digital Strategist

Conversion Rate Optimization is a process of testing a certain function or design of your website against something else. You do this in real time by splitting your site’s traffic and showing half the new function or design and showing half the current iteration. By testing a variety of elements across your homepage and donation page, you can uncover enhancements to your messaging, imagery, offer, ask amounts, and more. The enhancements combine to produce a dramatic increase in the conversion rate of your website. And the knowledge you gain from each of these tests can inform future tests. This way, the Conversion Rate Optimization program actually gets smarter and more refined the more you do it.

One of the biggest benefits of increasing your website’s conversion rate is the opportunity to efficiently invest more in paid digital media tactics. This can lead to increases in online revenue that far outpace the increases in the conversion rate. And while there is no “wrong-time” to begin a Conversion Rate Optimization program, starting now gives you enough lead time to ensure your site is converting at a higher rate for the fall giving season.

One & All has conducted hundreds of tests aimed at increasing Mission website conversion rates. We combine the knowledge we have gained from previous tests, information we glean from doing a high-level audit of your current website’s performance, and a variety of heuristics to create a program that is tailored to you. And the results can be staggering. For one long-time optimization partner, we have been able to increase the overall conversion rate by 31%, which has helped lead to a 400% increase in online revenue. Another Missions partner saw their conversion rate go from 1.53% to 6.59% (a 330% increase) in just two years.

Your organization’s website is the heart of your digital fundraising efforts, so make sure it is working as hard as possible for you by employing a continuous cycle of tests designed to increase its conversion rate. It’s the best way to turn curious site visitors to engaged supporters.