Monthly Sustainers: Reliable. Retainable. Reachable online.

Monthly donations have always been a vital part of nonprofit fundraising. In addition to providing the peace of mind that comes with sustained revenue, monthly donors have proven to be retained for longer periods of time.

But, while the value of sustained monthly giving is well known, the way to acquire them is evolving. While direct mail still proves valuable at acquiring and upgrading donors to monthly giving, a digital sustainer program is proving to be even more valuable. Consider:

100% Fulfillment—digitally acquired donors are almost always auto-pay, so they fulfill immediately.
Higher Retention—auto-pay sustainers retain at extremely high levels (85% retention in the first year, 75% retention over multiple years).
Long-term Value—the digital space reaches and acquires more younger donors than other channels, providing higher long-term value.

The high value of digital sustainers means that even if you invest more to acquire them, it can often still lead to a successful return on investment (ROI) over time.

Three audiences to target

In order to build a successful digital sustainer program, it is essential to target the following three key audiences:

1. Current one-time donors who show tendencies to be potential sustainers.
2. Lower conversion funnel warm prospects who have not yet converted into donors, but can be reached through re-targeting online.
3. Cold prospects who can be targeted through existing donor profiles/attributes and by creating new prospect models within various platforms.

One & All has had success helping numerous clients leverage strong monthly offers through digital and other channels to acquire high-value monthly donors. Whatever the size of your organization, a strong monthly giving program is a wise investment.

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