Our Shared Word of the Year

It’s hard to believe that we are now weeks into 2019. We’ve had time to shake off 2018, make a resolution or two, and maybe even set ourselves on a new course of action. I, personally, gave up making resolutions years ago. (I either blew my commitment embarrassingly early or forgot about the resolution altogether.) So instead of making a new year’s resolution, I pick a word to carry with me through the year. My “word of the year” keeps me focused on an area for personal growth or inspiration.

In honor of the important and meaningful work we do with you and your Mission, I’ve chosen a word for us to share together in 2019. And that word is SUSTAINER, which means something that upholds or maintains. At One & All we want to work with you this year to significantly increase the number of monthly sustainer donors you have. Monthly sustainers are those faithful donors who raise their hand and commit to give to your organization each and every month. For many of our clients, these donors are the backbone of their financial stability.

I pray for our shared success in tackling all the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2019. It’s a privilege to work alongside you and your teams.