Media Planning Advice

One of the most important things I have come to realize in my experience as the VP of Media Planning is that it is no longer an option for nonprofit or direct response-specific clients to avoid the upper funnel. Reach and awareness are crucial to delivering on the lower funnel tactical performance, and this insight is crucial for how our team at One & All will be approaching media planning in the future.

After all, media planning is a vital part of any mass marketing plan. In my opinion, it serves the opportunity to cast a wide net and sets the pace and cadence for your campaign. It is the instrument that gets your messaging in front of the right audience at the right time, and an integrated strategy that includes multiple touchpoints – such as digital ads, print, video, and more – will secure a broad mix of donors that generate the greatest potential in value.

Most recently, we have seen great success in Missions clients who engage traffic sponsorships to drive donors online. In fact, this strategy increased awareness and achieved a 112% increase in July through December YOY donations for one of our Missions clients.

Our media team is also keeping up on industry trends to ensure our clients are well-versed on emerging technology and new opportunities. We believe that striking a balance between clear data directives and entering into testing new media trends is essential for future growth.

At One & All, we pride ourselves on the ability to be thoughtful stewards of your budget. We believe in a consistent cross-channel approach that identifies the prospect, delivers on a mix that provides the greatest return and allows the donor the ability to control their experience, and ultimately convert your best and most qualified donors.