Emotion Drives Response

So that’s what our creative team targets.

Emotions drive the decisions people make every day—including whether or not to respond to your mission. When an emotion is triggered in the brain, the nervous system responds by creating feelings in the body. Some call this a “gut feeling” and it can be key to informing emotional responses.

That’s why our creative teams work together—with both words and images—to create the most emotional and “gut” wrenching appeals we can. Because when donors are emotionally compelled to give, they are more likely to stay with you for life.

“It’s hard to turn away from someone you know. So it’s our job as a creative team to help donors really get to know the people they are helping. Every face we capture tells a story—a story that is unique to that person. We really want donors to know that.

When it comes specifically to imagery and photography, we want to be authentic and genuine. We want our photography to preserve the integrity, the dignity and the humanity of each person we showcase.”

Lynn O’Connell
Creative Director

“I consider writing the stories of men, women, and children experiencing homelessness as more than my vocation — it’s what God has called me to do on behalf of His kingdom. My job title says I’m a writer, but what I really do is give a voice to people who don’t have one. I help donors experience their common humanity with hurting people made in the image of God.

I have the privilege and the responsibility to write these stories of homelessness in a way that makes donors understand what God can do with a broken life.”

Larry Wilson
Senior Copywriter