Apathy to Empathy: Helping Donors Feel the Love

by Todd Bemis VP, Creative Director

Our work as fundraisers is to move people from apathy to empathy—helping them understand your cause and feel a deep emotional response that drives them to give from their heart.

And the best way to touch the heart is by leading with the head. As creative marketers we do that by using patterns the brain recognizes—particularly faces. There is nothing the human brain does better than reading a face. Our attention is innately drawn to faces. When you look at a face, your brain seeks out nuances that enable you to know something about that person or animal. You study the eyes. Your brain finds patterns that tell a story or ask questions. You see imperfections you can relate to as a human. Things you can trust.

That’s why our creative teams spend so much time, effort and love finding just the right images for your fundraising campaigns. We want the faces of the people and animals in our work to be instantly relatable, exquisitely real and truly empathetic.

It’s hard to be apathetic to someone you see as having a shared humanity. Recognizing another’s humanity helps us find our own.

One & All’s DonorGraphics 2018. Base: U.S. donors (adults who are 12-month active donors, n=1,376)