How to Make the Generation Gap Work for Your Ministry

There’s no denying that donors from different generations have different giving habits and preferences—but some of the research behind those behaviors might surprise you.

The One & All Research & Analytics team recently released a study around the generation gap in giving, offering some new discoveries and key audience learnings. Here’s a little glimpse into what they came up with:

  • When it comes to the rate and amount of charitable giving, income is actually more predictive than age. With that in mind, focusing on Boomers for prospecting new donors and major donor cultivation will likely lead to healthy growth of your donor base.
  • Since the last presidential election, younger generations have become more likely to be “social advocates” for charitable organizations. By enlisting younger generations to volunteer and amplify your message socially, you will raise awareness about the work you do in your community.

This study also includes a deep dive into donors’ motivations for giving, and our findings were vastly different across the generations.


For instance, while members of all generations share a desire to support causes that have affected them or loved ones, Gen Z and Millennials indicated a greater desire to address worldwide needs through their giving. Online is their preferred mode of giving, but they also want to feel a connection to the cause they’re supporting, which is why they’re more likely to give at events or in person than other generations. Gen X, Boomers and even Seniors are becoming increasingly comfortable with giving online and they tend to be more motivated to affect change in their local communities.

Lori Connolly, VP of Research & Analytics at One & All, will be holding a webinar later this month to share more details with you on this subject. To learn more about how to make these audience preferences and motivations work for your ministry, please register to join us!

WEBINAR: The Generation Gap and Your Ministry

Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2018 at 11:30 am PST (2:30 pm EST)

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