The Power of the Digital Experience


For over 27 years, One & All has partnered with Union Mission Ministries in Norfolk, VA to help raise the funds necessary to continue their work changing lives.  In October 2015, we recommended a comprehensive approach designed to enhance the digital experience of donors and potential donors.  Though online traffic was moderate, conversion rates were not where they could be, and potential donors were slipping through the cracks. With an improved digital experience, and the increased conversion rate that results from it, Union Mission Ministries could not only raise more money online, but could invest more in paid digital media efforts as a result of the heightened efficiencies that accompany better conversion rates.

The Solution

To improve the conversion rates of all of Union Mission Ministries digital efforts, One & All  built a new website that offered clearer navigation, more prominent calls to action, increased impact reporting, and extra donor affirmation. Our intention was to shift the message of the website from being Mission-focused to emphasizing those served and the donors that make such service possible. Elements that were merely informational before were newly-crafted to be persuasive and elicit emotion.

We then ran over 30 tests on various pages of the relaunched site in order to continuously improve performance. Each test was designed to increase overall giving by enhancing donor experience and use. We know that conversion optimization is a powerful tool for improving the online experience of your donors, and the testing proved this.

The test below, for example, was conducted on the primary donation page of Union Mission Ministries’ website. Its purpose was to reduce the page’s visual friction with the hopes of achieve a higher conversion rate. Results speak for themselves. The test treatment beat the control by 33.6% as just one of the over 30 tests performed.



Additionally, we helped generate significant lift by increasing the visual prominence of Union Mission Ministries’ sustainer offer. On-site merchandising is one of the best w ays to grow a sustainer program, and as a result strive to make sure it is both easily visible and accessible. We accomplished this through several avenues, including creating a custom donation page, enhancing and increasing sustainer giving buttons, and refocusing the website to promote the sustainer offer.


Since One & All’s digital initiatives began on Union Mission Ministries’ website, their conversion rate has increased by 65%, the amount of gifts has increased 95%, annual revenue is up 98%, and the number of monthly gifts acquired by the Mission each year increase by 176%.



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