The Importance of Affirming Your Supporters

Show Your Donors & Volunteers How Much They Matter

Your organization needs a pool of enthusiastic donors and volunteers to power its vital work. To keep them coming back, you need to convey how much you appreciate and rely on them. If you don’t yet have communications that thank donors and volunteers, or if yours aren’t helping to retain and engage people, then now’s the time to refresh your strategy. We’ve rounded up a few road-tested methods for showing gratitude and securing ongoing support.

Make phone calls: This quick and cost-effective way of giving thanks helps to foster personal connections between your team and your supporters.

Shout out donors and volunteers on social media: Tagging individual donors or volunteers on social media makes them more likely to stay engaged and spread the word. Another approach: praising donors and volunteers, in general, motivates your audience to do the right thing and pitch in.

Write notes: Thank your donors and volunteers with handwritten notes, just as you would if they gave you a birthday gift. These notes come across as thoughtful and considerate, especially if they come from someone senior within your organization – or even better, a recipient of your services.

Send a text: If your supported have opted in for text communications, send a quick note with a photo or short video highlighting your work in action. Texts are quick, timely, and very easy for people to engage with. A short “Just wanted to thank you for your support! We can’t do this without you.” along with a photo of food being boxed, for example, can go a long way in affirming the people you rely on.

Spotlight donors and volunteers in your communications: Pick a “donor of the month” or “volunteer of the month” in your newsletter, or list them in your newsletters. The recognition is flattering to the recipients and inspiring to others.

In a sense, there’s no wrong way to appreciate your donors and volunteers. Pick any of the options above, a combination, or your own method. The important thing is that donors and volunteers understand how essential they are in helping to achieve your mission.